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About Us

Auto Detail Yorkshire is a Car Detailing Company for the true perfectionist. Our aim is to exceed customer satisfaction and expectation using our unrivalled level of detailing skills and by using the best tools and carefully selected range of world class refinishing and protective products, In order to enhance, protect and maintain your pride and joy.


  • What is car detailing?

    Originating in America and now catching on fast in the UK, auto detailing is the performance of thorough cleaning, restoration and finishing of a vehicle both inside and out to produce a show – quality level of finish.

  • What are the benefits of detailing?

    Detailing removes marks, swirls, contamination and reduces fade in paint. It provides a stunning finish exceeding the original condition that’s easier to clean and stays cleaner for longer. All this will help retain, or in many cases, improve the value of your car.

  • Why should I have a sealant applied?

    Applying a sealant will protect your paintwork, glass and wheels from damage and corrosion caused by salt, acid rain and ultraviolet rays. It reduces the chance of swirl marks, it denies a sticking surface to foreign objects and ultimately it retains the shine.

    We have a range of sealants such as Imperial hard wax, Zymol, polymer /synthetic sealants, and the latest crystal lacquer from Gtechniq providing protection for your paint for up to 5 years. All of these will improve your vehicles appearance and preserve its value.

  • "Only had time for a quick spa wash but will definitely be coming back for the full detail treatment. Loving my shiny new clean car."

    Jennie Bean
  • "Took my car down to the guys at Auto Detail for a detail I returned later that afternoon not recognising my car at all. The level of shine and gloss was amazing. I would definitely recommend them and they're extremely friendly."

    Richard Moore
  • "Picked the Aston up today! Absolutely awesome! I've owned her 2 years and had no idea it was even that colour. Cannot reccomend enough ... Not cheap but immense value for money! Cheers Dave and Jamie."

    Ben Dunn
  • "Cannot believe the difference in my car... Looks like brand new cannot recommend auto detail enough fabulous professional service with fantastic results!!"

    Danielle Gudgeon
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