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    Car Spa Treatment £30 1.5 hours


    • A Premium 20-stage wash procedure using a 3 bucket system with lamb wool wash mits.
    • Full citrus non-acid degrease and rinse, Connoisseur choice shampoo.
    • Wheels and tyres cleaned and conditioned.
    • Hand dried with high grade microfiber towels.

    Protection Detail From – £240 6 hours

    This is the first stage of machine polishing called paint cleansing. This is the service you will require when doing a yearly process or after your car has picked up slight imperfections from regular washing.


    • Car Spa Treatment plus the additional task of contamination removal with the use of a clay bar.
    • Pre wax HD cleanser is applied to ensure a clean finish prior to a protective sealing. Interior trim cleaned and dressed

    Enhancement Detail From – £320 8-10 hours

    The above two services plus:


    • Machine polish to remove light scratches and surface imperfections such as swirl marks and Holograms. This may not remove all the paint defects but it will give you the perfect finish on a new or regularly detailed car

    The Ultimate Package From – £450 2 days

    This is the most common package we offer, as it gives you the biggest change in appearance for your money. Included are all of the above services, plus a 3-stage machine-cut that removes 90 percent of your paintwork’s defects. Thus giving an even level to the paint depth, this is required for the perfect shine across all your panels.


    • Full degreasing and decontamination of inner arches, sills, door shuts from built up grime, tar and other contamination.
    • Wheels removed and deep cleaned.
    • Glass polished to remove any surface defects and staining of the glass.
    • Exhaust tail pipes polished.
    • Number plates removed and recesses polished.
    • Headlights and tail lights polished to remove defects and maximise clarity.
    • All exterior plastics renewed and sealed with a protective coating (a more durable Nano coating available at extra cost.
    • A fine selection of protective coatings available, Carnauba Wax, Acrylic/polymer sealants are most common with the latest addition of NANO technology for a super durable finish and protection guarantee.

    Available Coatings and Protection

    Our packages include a standard protective coating which is included in the price. For additional look and protection why not consider our handpicked selection which caters for all different types of finishes from daily use vehicles to show cars to track cars to prestige marques. When you visit us we can fully explain and advise which of our products will best suit your needs

    Additional Services

    Full Interior Detail From – £80
    Engine Bay Detail From – £50
    Calipers & Hubs Painted –  POA
    Wheel Refurbishment – £60/Wheel Up To 19”
    Glass Polished & Sealed – £50
    Plastics Sealed – £50
    Headlight Restoration From – £40
    Dent Removal From – £50
    Panel Resprays From – £120

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